Automate your website testing in minutes for free.
Without coding.

Trudl is a web application testing platform. Create tests for your app using our Chrome extension. Run your tests locally and manage your test suite using the trudl desktop app. No coding or scripting required.

Start using trudl for free.


Automated UI functional testing in three simple steps


Record your tests in the browser

Use our Chrome extension to record your tests.

Recording tests


Run your tests

View/edit your tests and run them locally using the trudl desktop app (available for macOs, Windows and Linux).
You can also run your tests on cloud with trudl Pro (coming soon).

Running tests


View results and screenshots

Verify whether your test runs passed or failed. Also, get browser screenshots for every step.

View test results

Why use trudl?


Speed up your website release cycle

Manual testing is a major bottleneck for timely releases. Speed up your next release by automating your testing without writing any code.


Spend zero time on maintaining tests

Trudl's ML algorithm ensures that the tests are stable despite changes in the UI. Test recorded using trudl will not require a lot of maintenance, unlike Selenium tests.


Ensure that your website works all the time

Create and run tests on production, schedule them hourly to monitor your website. Get notified when it fails before your customers tell you (available only on trudl Pro).

Features and Pricing



Record and run unlimited tests locally

Only Chrome

Edit tests

Add CSS Selectors, wait time and assertions

1 user only - no team account

Community support


Coming soon

All the features included in the free version

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

Run tests in parallel on our cloud service

Schedule tests

Notifications of test results

Custom Integrations

Multiple users - team accounts available

Priority Email and chat support