Automate your website testing in minutes.
Without coding.

Speed up your next release and ensure that your website works all the time. Don’t spend time on maintaining your tests like you do with Selenium.

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Automated UI functional testing in 3 simple steps


Record your tests in the browser

Use our Chrome extension to record your tests.


Run your tests across all browsers

Run your tests on the cloud. You can also schedule your tests to run periodically.


View results and screenshots

Also, get notified when your scheduled tests fail.

Why use trudl?

Speed up your website release cycle

Manual testing is a major bottleneck for timely releases. Speed up your next release by automating your testing without writing any code.

Spend zero time on maintaining tests

trudl’s AI ensures that the tests are stable despite changes in the UI. Unlike with Selenium, you won't have to spend time on test maintenance.

Ensure that your website works all the time

Create and run tests on production, schedule them hourly to monitor your website. Get notified when it fails before your customers tell you.